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Neporal 4 Pack A19 Rechargeable Light Bulbs, 60 Watt Equivalent, 3000K, 1200mAh Battery Backup

Neporal 4 Pack A19 Rechargeable Light Bulbs, 60 Watt Equivalent, 3000K, 1200mAh Battery Backup

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【Emergency Lights for Home Power Failure】This rechargeable light bulbs come with built-in back up battery, can self-charging when daily use, provide lighting like normal during power failure, stay lighting up hours for 4-6 hours during home power failure.
【3000K Soft White Daily Used Light Bulbs】3000K provides a softer and warmer light to help you and your family relax, and this bulb made into A19 size, smaller size for high applicability (other emergency light bulbs on the market are often large in size that may can'fit in your light fixture, this one like the normal type A bulb, perfect for any light fixtures with E26 or E27 socket, like floor lamp, desk lamp, table lamp, ceiling light ect)
【Safe & Easily Use Power Outage Supplies】A necessity during blackout, storm, hurricane ect. To get prepared for emergency with this emergency light bulbs, just screw them in your lamps to provide you with emergency lighting and say good bye to emergency candles.
【Multi-Function】More Than Just Ordinary Bulbs, this bulb is rechargeable and iwth battery back up and hooks, is portable, ideal for camping and lamp without electricity, and it makes a great transportable flashlight during power outages.
【Easy Use】Just screw into the lamps with E27/E26 base as ordinary LED light bulbs , Each light comes with a holder hook, also a choice for outdoor activities like camping.

Product Description

rechargeable bulbs rechargeable bulbs

Self-charging when electricity on

Built in battery and can self-charging when electricity on, it’s important to keep the light on for 6-10 consecutive hours to completely charge the battery when first time use, so your emergency rechargeable light bulb is ready to use in case of an emergency.

A safe solution for power outages

Can light 4-5 hours when power outage and can be controlled by switch, if the lamp is turned on, the bulb will keep light, if the lamp is turned off, the bulb will light off.



Voltage: 85-265 V

Power Output: 12W, 60 watt equivalent


Color temperature: 3000K Daylight

Applicable lamp base: E26

rechargeable light bulbs rechargeable light bulbs
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