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About Neporal Standard Rechargeable Light Bulbs 

How To Recharge The Light Bulb?

Recharge it by using it. Simply screw the NEPORAL rechargeable LED bulb into any lamp or other light fixture just as you would a typical lightbulb. As you use this light, over the course of time the rechargeable LED bulb will begin charging an internal power source. The rechargeable bulb takes 6-10 hours to fully charged.

If you plan to store them, we recommend recharging them every 3-6 months.

How Rechargable Light Bulbs Work When Power Outage Hit?

1) WHEN Light Up In Plugged Lamp, ON/OFF Controlled By Wall Switch

If you use it in fixture with multiple lamp base like vanity light, please install rechargeable light bulb in all bases. If you mix rechargeable light bulb and typical light bulb, the rechargeable light bulb might not be shut up or it will keep flicker.

When you use it in fixture with single lamp base like table lamp, if there is no other light fixture in the same circuit, the rechargeable light bulb might not light up when power is out (because there is no close circuit for it to work and that happen to all rechargeable light bulb.) It's recommended that you instal the rechargeable bulb in other lamp, or you can add a fixture to the same circuit, for example,plug in another lamp in the same outlet.

2)WHEN Light Up In Unplugged Lamp, Use Metal Clip & ON/OFF Controlled By lampSwitch

If you are using rechargeable light buls in unplugged lamp, simply use the metal clip provided (any metal clip would do the trip, or even binder clip) to connect the prongs. Now you can control the light bulbs by the lamp switch. If you are using binder clip, make sure it securely connct both prongs.

3) WHEN Using the hook adapter when power is out.

Screw the hook to the light bulb and turn the light bulb ON/OFF using the on/off button on the hook adapter. You can carry the bulb around with you or use the attached hook to hang the bulb for hands-free convenience

4) WHEN Using your finger tip.

Please hold the base and the side of the base at the same time. Pleas note, if your hand is too dry (that happens a lot in winter), the light bulb might not light up. You just need to put on some lotion.

Do I Have To Flip Off The Circuit Breaker When Power Is Out?

You don't have to flip off the circuit breaker to use it during power outage. Our emergency light bulbs are designed to automatically come on when the power goes out, just like many other rechargeable light bulbs on the market. These emergency bulbs work by re-establishing a closed circuit when there's a power outage. Whether they come on or not during an outage depends on the electrical wiring in your house.

However, different homes have different electrical circuit setups, it's possible that in some cases, the bulbs may not turn on automatically if there are issues with the electrical circuit. If closed circuit is not formed, it is recommended to flip off the circuit breaker for the rechargeable light bulbs to work.

How To Test If Rechargeable Light Bulbs Works?

When you receive the light bulb, please screw the provided hook adapter to the light bulb. The rechargeable light bulb works normally if you can turn the lgiht bulb ON/OFF by using the on/off button on the hook adapter. If the rechargeable light bulb light ups in the hook adapter, it means the internal battery works. If it doesn't light up, please recharge it first.

Why My Rechargeable Light Bulbs Flicker?

Flickering can occur for several reasons:
1. The components driving the bulbs may be weakened, or there could be moisture causing a circuit fault.
2. The LED chips in the bulbs may have moisture, leading to poor contact between the gold wire and the bracket, resulting in flickering.
3. Your home's voltage might be unstable.
4. There could be a mismatch between the driving voltage and the bulbs or a malfunction in the driver itself.
To address this, please ensure that the bulbs are used in a dry environment. If the flickering persists, try using the bulbs in a different lamp to ensure that your home's voltage is stable. If flickering continues in another lamp, use the hook cap we provided to test whether your home's voltage is normal.


Why Can't I Turn Off the Rechargeable Light Bulbs? 

There could be several possible causes for this issue. First, the live wire and neutral wire of the switch in your home might be installed reversed, leading to a high potential on the live wire and triggering the battery discharge output. Second, if multiple bulbs are connected in parallel on the same circuit, a quality problem in one bulb can cause abnormalities in other bulbs.

If you encounter a light bulb that won't shut off, please try the following: first, using the same base, test with multiple bulbs. Install, for example, 4 bulbs one by one. If each bulb fails to turn off the light, there may be a problem with the home wiring. If one or more of the 4 bulbs cannot turn off the light, simply return the corresponding faulty bulb, and we will handle the replacement or refund for you.

Second, when using rechargeable light bulbs in lamps with multiple bases, ensure you install the light bulb in all bases. Mixing rechargeable light bulbs with standard light bulbs may prevent the rechargeable light bulb from turning off. Avoid putting bulbs of different brands into a parallel circuit.


Why The Rechargeable Light Bulbs Not Light Up In My Hand?

The reason why it couldn't light up in your hand is dry hands do not conduct electricity as there is no moisture or water present whereas in wet hands there is water present and so it allows the electricity to pass and we get an electric shock.
In this case, you just need to put on some lotion and try again.
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